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The Hunted (AUDIOBOOK)

The Hunted (AUDIOBOOK)

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Narrated by Paige Reisenfeld.

Inspired by David Parker Ray, "The Toy Box Killer."

642 5-star reviews!

What do you do when the person who is supposed to help is the one you’re running from? Angel Evanston is about to find out.

Emily Bright and her best friend Harper White have big dreams, but a chance meeting has changed the course of their future. Now they may not have any future at all.

Two years ago, Angel survived something so traumatic it sent her into hiding. She’s committed to living a life that honors the losses of her past, despite her physical and emotional scars. That means proving she isn’t the coward she was once accused of being.

When Angel finds Emily, bloody and traumatized, in a truck stop bathroom. The story Emily tells is incredible: a sheriff abducts and tortures women, then turns them loose on his ranch to be hunted like animals.

No one has escaped… until now. Emily got out, but Harper is still on the ranch. Angel must choose between turning a blind eye or being the kind of person who helps others, even if it means putting herself in peril – again.

If you like Karin Slaughter, Criminal Minds, and fast-paced stories that keep you on the edge of your seat, you'll love The Hunted: Sins of the Father.

Praise for The Hunted: Sins of the Father

“I love how Ennis writes. You can feel the pain and anxiety of the characters as you glimpse into their lives. Without dragging out horrific details you still know what happens. She can make you grasp the abuse without turning you away from the story.”

“While the Dollhouse was intense, dark & graphic, The Hunted was absolutely off the chain! This book is definitely what psychological thrillers are made of. I loved, loved, loved the character development. The characters you were supposed to care for you did and the bad ones you detested.”

“Here’s the thing. This book is so great because Sara has a way of catapulting your attention with the characters’ thoughts and actions. When the bad characters engage, you can taste their viciousness. When the victims narrate, you viscerally feel their fear, dread or conviction to escape, but escape they cannot. Once you’ve experienced this book, expect to face a major book slump with your subsequent reads.”


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